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Announcements / Ανακοινώσεις

» 11/11/2016 - ΙΣΟΛΟΓΙΣΜΟΣ Freshland AE 2015

» 10/06/2015 - ΙΣΟΛΟΓΙΣΜΟΣ Freshland AE 2014

» 10/06/2015 - Τακτική Γενική Συνέλευση Freshland AE 2015

Company presentation as entity and Mission

A State of the art manufacturing production Unit dedicated to bottling Juices from fruits. Freshland SA will produce and fill aseptically PET bottles with Premium NFC Juices. The company is established and it is ready to implement the construction of the bottling facility which is supplemented by the Hellenic Investment Law by 60%.

Freshland Plan Virtual Design

Location advantages with maps

The factory will be located:

  • - In the Municipality of Faridos, Vrisika, Lefkohomatos area,

  • - In the position of Samarakou or Kambos,

  • - In the wide area of Laconia

In a building site of 16.716,30 m2 equipped with a biological waste treatment, well water and electricity power.

The Freshland bottling facility has the location advantage to service all surrounding markets such as South Europe, Central Europe, West Russian Federation and ex Soviet republics, Middle East and North East Africa.

  • European Markets

  • Surrounding Markets

Available packaging solutions

  • PET

Available bottling solutions

Aseptic Cold filled- short life- cold storage